Our mission is simple:

Offer our clients a professional, confidential investigation into their paranormal claims without biases and preconceived ideas.  Our investigation and research will be performed with the highest ethical standards using scientific methods and state of the art equipment.  After our investigation, all evidence will be reviewed and we will provide our clients a detailed documented case summary which will include all physical evidence and our findings, along with our recommended action to help resolve your paranormal issues.

Our goals are:

To dedicate ourselves to continuously strive for the highest standards of trust, honesty, and integrity at all times.  To constantly seek out anomalous activity with the intent to document, study and explain it.  To carefully and persistently examine each of the facts associated with each of these paranormal phenomena.  To promote serious scientific interest and discussion into all areas of the paranormal.  Work to solve paranormal mysteries on a case by case basis.  To network with other professionals, to bring the paranormal communities together to share information, expertise and skills.  To Offer assistance to other teams and individuals with their research and cases as needed.

"An extraordinary phenomenon demands, an extraordinary investigation"
-- Budd Hopkins, American painter, sculptor, and prominent figure in alien abduction phenomena research

Who We Serve

NightStalkers Paranormal Research™ is based in northern middle Tennessee and operates a satellite location in south central Kentucky.  We offer our services in Tennessee, Kentucky and surrounding states.   NightStalkers Paranormal Research™ conducts investigations into a variety of areas including hauntings, possessions, UFO/alien abductions and cryptids.   NightStalkers Paranormal Research™ accepts private residential and business cases and each is handled professionally and confidentially.

We have an experienced team with a wide variety of experience, talents and resources.  Several of our team members have decades of investigative experience.  All of which are available to our clients at no cost or liability.